Blossom Trails
Sd Cross Walk
Flower at Tea Ceremony
C+B_Oldie Car

About The Artist and Photostem

Hi I am David Truong founder of Photostem Photography I use this blog to blog about photography stuff.

I love having fun, learning new things, making people smile, and telling stories. I love seeing life through fun angles. I enjoy inspiring others as well as being inspired by others.
I work unobtrusively, using my mix of photojournalism, candid, and fine-art portraiture style.  I document those important moments with the most interesting, truthful and beautiful perspective.  I understand how much time and thought is put into each event- that’s why it is so important to me that you to experience your big day all over again every time you see your pictures.

The opportunity to capture your memories and tell the story  is truly an honor to me. I enjoy developing relationships with my clients, which allows me to make each set truly unique and memorable.

Who we are as Photostem:
We started out with a few photographers from all over Orange County with similar backgrounds and interest. Stemming out to many various places such as LA and San Diego. We all inherit a passion to create the best images as a a whole.
Photostem photography style tend to be mixed from artsy urban with a twist of vintage looks all the way up to high fashion. It was structured and built as a fast pace photojournalism/special event style such as weddings while developing new styles and also maintaining and collaborating with other shooters in and around the area.
We are always on a go and ready to snap away at that very instant. Our goal is to capture that moment when you thought know one would notice.

This blog is where I will update my most recent photos along with random bits from my life. It is a casual place to get to know each other. If there are specific photos you want to see more of, you can click on the categories at the bottom to see photos of that category. I hope you find what you’re looking for here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!  I’d love to hear from you!

Photostem would like to welcome you to become a fan on facebook and to think about us when you are in need of a photographer.

We are also always looking for more photographers to acquire new styles.

I am based in Orange County, California, but travel and destination weddings are welcome!
I book weddings up to 2-3 months in advance.