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FAQ: Edited vs. Non-Edited Images

One question my brides ask me a lot is the difference between un-edited, basic editing, and artistic edits on photographs. This is a great question to ask your photographer since what you see online may have much more work done to it than what you will receive on your disc.

It is fairly common to misunderstand what you will be getting on your disc of images because there are so many terms when it comes to describing the files. Digital negatives, high resolution images, large files etc.

So the question is “David, what will the images look like on our disc?”

Great question, glad you asked!

Let me break down my editing work-flow for you.

Step 1. I show up to your beautiful wedding (and/or engagement session) and take approx. 2,000-2,500 images (for a 2 hour engagement session – approx 300-500 images) , have a good time, share some laughs, do some photo acrobatics then go home and soak my tootsies in a bath.

Step 2. Within the next 3-5 weeks I narrow down those 2,000 wedding images into roughly 400-600 images (75-100 for engagements). Removing all the blinks, blurry people, test shots, and multiples.

Step 3. From there I do basic color correcting to all your images. This includes minor adjustments to exposures, white balance, contrast, small color casts and about 20-30% black and white conversions and making your images pop with that Photostem flair. The majority of your disc of images (included in your package) are edited in this fashion. It is exactly what you will see when you go to your Online Gallery.

Step 4. As I prepare my blog posts I go back and do one more step of additional artistic edits to my favorite images. Those edits (roughly 10-15) will also be included in your final disc. Occasionally I do not do any further edits to my blog images because I love them just the way they are and do not feel the need do anything further. An artistic edit should enhance an image, not overtake it 🙂 These images will flow with the rest of your wedding images on the disc.

Step. 5 I export your images as proof sized jpegs for viewing in your password protected gallery site, upload them, then e-mail you all the good info about how to login and order any photos you would like prints of. Go ahead and share the link/password with family and friends! They are dying to see your photos!

Step. 6 I export your images as full resolution jpegs (300dpi) optimized for 8×12 prints, personally package them and let you know they are ready for pick-up along with any ordered prints. (typically in the mail within 6 weeks of the wedding)

My main goal is always to start with a good solid image and tweak it from there. I would much rather start with good images and adjust to make them great than have to start with a mediocre image and make it o.k.

Here are a few examples of each stage:

Is it possible to get all my images edited?

I would absolutely love to be able to individually take each image aside and enhance it artistically. The reality is that this would take many many additional hours and leave me no time to shoot! Want a specific image edited in a more artistic / funky manner? Additional editing is included with all Canvas Orders (and prints 8×10 and larger if necessary) and also available at a $50/hr rate (roughly 1-3 images per an hour).

What can we do with our disc of images?

Lots of things! Each disc comes with a personal print release. This allows you to print your images at your leisure wherever you would like. You can also e-mail them to your friends to view online and share them on your favorite social networking site (or use them for your wedding website)! The biggest reason brides want their disc of images is for their personal archive and so that they can make prints themselves down the road.

What can’t we do with our disc of images?

Since Photostem Photography retains the copyright to the images you may not distribute the image files, make duplicate cds and distribute them (although do back them up for yourself!) , sell the images in any form or fashion, enter them in contests or use them for marketing of another business. Most personal uses are acceptable but if you would like to clarify something with me please feel free to ask.